By Sharn
Theme music for my final question is about being open to love after a breakup. Really nice way to end a season full of blindsides I think:

Congrats to you both on making it to the F2! First thing's in order. David! I actually feel bad for trying to emotionally manipulate you by saying we wouldn't be friends after the game. That was pretty psycho of me, but you know me well enough to know I'm capable of such behavior on a whim if it means I get what I want in the game. I knew there was no way I could strategically convince you to change your mind, so I had to desperately depend on emotions as a last resort to survive. Sorry about that. It didn't work, and now we're here.

David: Tell me when you decided you weren't going to take me to the end. Some detail would be nice. Bonus point: tell me your favorite thing about getting to know me during this game.

Jarrad: Can you briefly describe to me how you wanted the end game to generally go? i.e. who did you want in the F3/F2 with you. And if it didn't go as planned, why shouldn't the jury hold at it against you?


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