-- 13th Place - 1st Juror - Voted Out 9-2-1-1 --
By Juuso Makilahde
Lopullinen kolmetoista!!!!

Congratulations on making it to this stage of the game and surviving your first merged tribal! :fire:

Let's go over some questions I have for you. I'm just DYING to know everything. :ghost:

1. So let's start with what happened before that tribal council! What was everyone saying to you about the vote? What were you trying to push? How do you feel like you did?

2. So much whispering at tribal! How much do you look into what other people are whispering? Is watching those whispers something that you're keeping track of?

3. Jericho was voted off tonight and two idols were played! :shock: Do you have any thoughts on the outcome? What have you learned from this tribal?

4. Let's talk about your partner/bounty. You've had the whole weekend to assess the situation. How are you feeling about it now? Can you trust them? Do you think they trust you? Are you greedy?

5. Have you been surprised with any other players since the merge? Or are people reacting the way you expect them to?

Bonus question: How's it going? How is the game comparing to your previous outings in Stranded?

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