-- 14th Place - Voted Out 12-2 --
Jajajaja, were you expecting the MERGE tonight?! :party: :pop: :confetti: I bet we caught you off guard – even giving you an unexpected day away from tribal! But now you have 13 other tribemates and an entire mess of connections to detangle and work through. :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

1. Your simple challenge ended up deciding your partner for the immunity challenge this round…but also your bounty for the next five. How do you feel about your partner? Do you plan to stay loyal and work together? Or are you itching to find out what’s in one of those mystery boxes?

2. As Jonathan said, all of the previous boots have been returning players. How does that news make you feel?

3. You have the weekend to reconnect with old tribemates and build connections with new ones. Right off the bat, who are your most trusted allies and primary targets? Any time this shifts – update us! Let us know how you plan to keep yourself safe at the beginning of this merge...and all the way through 'til the end.

4. Spill the tea! :tea: What’s the best piece of goss you’ve heard since merging? And who are your sources? icon_popcorn

As always, you may submit guesses for the aliases of your tribemates, and the new player to gain coins! Due date at challenge results time, per usual.

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