--5th Place - 9th Juror - Voted Out 3-2--
By Lara Álvarez
Hola!!!!!!! :loveeyes: :loveeyes: Dios mio! 10 of you have already left, and we are down to 14! Felicidades on your progress so far!

1. How has your journey been up to this point? Have you had an easy ride of it, or has it been a struggle? Do you feel like you are settled into a good spot, or working from behind?

2. What is your focus moving forward? Are you thinking about the game one round at a time, or trying to look forward towards an impending merge and beyond?

3. Give us a little more details on the dynamics of your tribe as you see them - like/dislike, aligned with/targeting, showmancing/disgusted by, etc. What do you want to happen if you lose again? What do you think will happen?

4. Mysterious challenge, eh? Got any thoughts?

As always, you may submit guesses for the aliases of your tribemates (your current ones only), and the new player to gain coins! Due date at challenge results time, per usual.

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